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The new COVID-19 Telehealth MBS items can now be claimed


Receiving health services at home wherever treatment can be safely delivered, is a key weapon in the fight against Covid-19 as it limits unnecessary exposure of patients and health professionals to the virus. For this reason, Medicare-subsidised Telehealth services have been expanded to include all Australians.

Any person with a current mental health plan is now eligible under Medicare for Telehealth psychology consults. Telehealth sessions include phone consultations and video conferencing. If you need to see a psychologist but do not have a mental health plan this can also be arranged with your G.P. via Telehealth.

All private health funds now provide rebates for Telehealth sessions and no referral is needed. Other funding sources that allow Telehealth include NDIS, Work Cover, Open Arms, DVA and TAC.

Please speak with your individual psychologist about your needs and together you can decide whether an in person or Telehealth session is more appropriate for both of you.

For the latest information please visit MBS Online