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The Latest Thinking in Psychology

A ‘trigger’ can provoke a powerful emotional reaction. But using trauma language too casually can diminish its gravity

To truly grasp what it means to be triggered, we must understand the intricate layers of emotional responses

Incorporating clinical terms into our everyday conversations has become a common practice. However, when mental health and trauma language is used too casually or inaccurately, it can diminish its gravity. This inadvertently reinforces mental health stigma rather than helping to dismantle it.

The Seven Deadly Sins and the Price Women Pay to Be Good

Elise Loehnen is the host of the podcast, Pulling the Thread. She has co-written twelve books, five of which were New York Times bestsellers. She was the chief content officer of goop, and she co-hosted The goop Podcast and The goop Lab on Netflix. Previously, she was the editorial projects director of Condé Nast Traveler.

One in five Americans are diagnosed with mental illness in any given year. Suicide is the second most common cause of death in the US for youth aged 15–24. Depression kills over a million people a year globally and 50,000 in the US. Drug overdoses kill 70,000 in the USA. The autoimmunity epidemic affects 25–50 million people in the US. What is going on?

Anger is a powerful emotion -- it warns us of threat, insult, indignity and harm. But across the world, girls and women are taught that their anger is better left unvoiced, says author Soraya Chemaly. Why is that, and what might we lose in this silence? In a provocative, thoughtful talk, Chemaly explores the dangerous lie that anger isn't feminine, showing how women's rage is justified, healthy and a potential catalyst for change.

by Ariel Giarretto

Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing Approach is brought to life in this in-depth case study of body oriented therapy.

Suzanne a case study

Suzanne, not her real name, arrives in my office due to a long history of anxiety, mild depression, problems sleeping, and relationship issues. She is 43, successful in her marketing career, and divorced, with a child in high school. She is a tall woman, but something about the way she carries herself makes her seem smaller than she is. She is wearing loose, dark clothing that doesn’t reveal much of her body. As she walks into my office for our first session, I am struck by the animation in her upper body, but I notice that she moves awkwardly because of the tightness in her shoulders, neck and upper spine.

The Role of Somatic Psychology Today.

by Dr. Christopher G. Walling PsyD, MBA, SEP

A racing heart and a roiling stomach. Panic attacks, nightmares, or fatigue. The body has myriad ways to manifest the many faces of trauma and fear. And for many people, getting help to cope with the symptoms of emotional distress means going through “talk therapy”—a kind of psychotherapy based on verbally processing thoughts, feelings, and experiences.